What An Amazing NBA Season!

What an amazing NBA season this past season was! The 2015-2016 season started with the Golden State Warriors defending as champions. They would go on to complete the regular season with an astounding record on 73-9. This would break the 95/96 Chicago Bulls record of 72-10, which had been unscathed for 20 years. Steph Curry would also break the record for most 3 pointers made in a season (403)


Then you have the ending of one of the most illustrious careers; that of Kobe Bryant. Kobe ended his 20th season playing for the Los Angeles Lakers for ALL 20 years! Kobe (whether you love him or hate him) was known for being one of the best players in NBA history. In what would be the last game of his career, Kobe would score 61 points in a cinematic fashion. Kobe ended his career the same way he played for those 20 years, in dramatic fashion. #mambaout


And finally, the NBA rematch that everyone wanted to see; The Warriors vs. the Cavaliers would happen. The Warriors would start off with a 3-1 series lead. Pretty much everyone assume the series was over; everyone except for Lebron James and the Cavs. Lebron would lead his team to a game 7 where anyone could win.”The King” drove the Cavs to win game 7 and defeat the Warriors. He delivered on his promise to bring the City of Cleveland a title. What an Amazing NBA season!



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