CONNECT with Zeeni Sports

Summer ’16 is just getting started. The temperature has started to rise, the grills are being fired up, and the connecting has begun. The City of Temple City (California), recently stopped by the Zeeni Sports office/warehouse to feature us in their summer edition of the magazine, “CONNECT“.  This magazine highlights various businesses and events taking place within the city and Zeeni Sports was privileged to be highlighted.

For a few hours of the day on that day, the warehouse hosted a few writers and photographers that were a part of the process. We walked them through every aspect of the business. One of the things they were so impressed with what that EVERYTHING is done “in-house”; Customer service, cutting the fabric, sewing, screen printing, and shipping. For over 25 years, Zeeni Sports has been making sports uniforms for various sports teams; with a specialty in basketball and soccer uniforms.Summer ’16, Zeeni Sports will produces thousands of soccer and basketball uniforms for teams all over the United States. For more info, visit


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